consecutive translation

Consecutive Translation

Consecutive Translation

Consecutive translation means the translator translates after the speaker. The translator takes notes of what the speaker says and conveys them orally to the other language after the speaker.


The translator who will make the translation must have a good command of both languages as native or bilingual speakers. Additionally, if technical terms are mentioned frequently, it is important that the translator has a good knowledge of the terminology.


Consecutive translation is an effective translation service that is widely used in various organizations that don't require simultaneous translation such as meetings, accompanying foreign guests, congresses, seminars, fairs, and company meetings.


Why should you choose BROS Translation for Consecutive Translations?


  • For high-quality translation:
  • Our translators are graduated from translation departments of the world’s and Turkey’s best universities such as Bosphorus and Middle East Technical University.
  • For consecutive translations, we work with experienced translators who have proven themselves in both languages, as their mother tongues.


  • For affordable price:
    • We offer the best price in the market, and we are ambitious about this.


  • For quick organization:
    • We meet your consecutive translation requests in a very comprehensive and organized way.


  • For staying in constant contact:
    • You can stay in constant contact with our project managers while the translation service is being provided.

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